Cool Rooms for Hire in and Around Lismore

GJ Lane Cool Room Hire offers a wide range of cool rooms for hire, so you will find something to suit any sized gathering and budget.

Why do you need cools rooms for hire? During a large gathering, you will inevitably have large quantities of food available for guests. While coolers and refrigerators can help keep things cool, they are often inconvenient or you may find there isn’t enough room to accommodate more sizable gatherings. Whether your fridge is too small or you simply don’t have one available, our cool rooms offer a spacious way to keep your food and drink fresh and ready to prepare or eat.

Why choose GJ Lane for your cool rooms for hire?

We are proud to offer a large selection of cool rooms for rent, both large and small and everything in between. Whether you are hosting a family crowd of 30 guests for a reunion or you’re hosting a corporate event or wedding with hundreds of guests, we have a cool room that will accommodate your needs. We will even drop it off and pick it up when you’re done, so you have less to worry about in your event planning and can spend more time enjoying the day.


Having a party? We have cool rooms for hire that will accommodate your gathering. We will do what we can to ensure your party is a success, by tailoring a cool room to your needs. We’ll deliver it right to your door and ensure you know how to use everything. You can rent it for long or short uses, and when you’re done, we will come and pick it back up again. Additionally, we ensure that all of our party rental cool rooms for hire are thoroughly serviced and cleaned, so you always get a rental that is like new. Call now to schedule a delivery!