Cool Room Hire in Lismore

If you’re having a wedding, birthday bash, corporate event, or other large gathering, then you need cool room hire services! Not only do our cool rooms provide ample refrigeration, but we can accommodate your needs with cool rooms that are available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you’re having a family gathering that is restricted to a tight guest list, or you’re having the party of the century, we can help. GJ Lane Cool Room Hire is able to accommodate parties and events large and small, so no matter what, you’re always prepared. We can provide both refrigerated and freezer capable cool room hire services, so your foods, drinks, ice and more are safe from the elements. Even during the hottest months of the year, your food will stay fresh and safe to serve.

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Why should you call us for cool room hire? Large parties and events require large amounts of food and drinks, which need to be kept cool but easily accessible. Whether you’re having a backyard wedding and have more food than your regular fridge can handle, or you’re hosting a gathering somewhere one isn’t available, you can use a cool room to store foods and drinks until they’re needed. We have cool rooms offered in a range of sizes and shapes, so we have something that accommodates parties of all sizes and within all budgets.

Additionally, we will drop off your cool room and pick it up when the event is over. You can just enjoy your gathering without having to worry about your cool room hire delivery. We make sure each rental is also thoroughly cleaned and serviced to ensure optimum condition for each and every client.